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How to ring fence time like a pro

Ring fencing is a simple tactic to ensure that time is set aside to do specific tasks, or for individuals or groups to meet. It is very similar to blocking time in your calendar. To determine the strategy that best suits your needs first think about how many people you need to meet. Here are a few tips for ring fencing time one to one or with a group of people.

  1. In 1 to 1 situations it’s much easier to ring fence time. As a consultant I use Calendly as my tool of choice but there are many other tools available out there to sync schedules. The lovely thing about using Calendly is that I can allocate the amount of time that I will devote to consulting each week set it up in my calendar and forget about it. When I share the link, people will only see the time that I have set aside for consulting work. It reduces back and forth and when set up correctly it boosts efficiency.

  2. Group collaboration sessions it’s best to use something like to ensure that there in consensus

Both tools have robust free tiers

Google calendar deserves an honorable mention here because this is the anchor of my scheduling system. With lovely integrations and settings it really has been my secret weapon, in this life where I wear several hats.

NB Use GoogleCalendar as your core even if you are using non Google tools to schedule meetings. Meaning, start with GoogleCalendar and use the Zoom integration to generate a meeting room code. Set up reminders at intervals that work for you and of course send the invitation out with enough notice to all invitees.

RECLAIM your life and your time with nifty tools, settings, tips and tricks. Yeehaww, lol, maybe too much time on my hands.

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