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Why Choose Business Growth Rocket?


Proven Track Record


Over 15+ years guiding persons towards making clear decisions for their future. Transitioning from full-time employee to full-time entrepreneur can be hard. We help make the transition easier and less scary


Access to knowledge


With years of experience comes years of exposure to various industries, rules and regulations. As well as a vast network of authentic and helpful thought leaders to call upon in case our knowledge falls short.


Authentic leadership


Authenticity is not just a word it is a way of life that is at the core of what we do. Take a look at the testimonials. From asylum seekers to CEOs we care about your personal and business growth.


Flexible coaching methods


Coaching is not a one size fits all arrangement. We take the time to find out how you work best and what motivates you to ACT. The coaching plan is personalized based on your style and goal requirements.


Streamlined processes


With exposure to various systems and software and managing execution in a wide range of companies, we are able to suggest ways you can streamline your own operations.

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