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3 Changes that will make a BIG difference in your business

As a business owner it is easy to get caught up with working in the business. This can lead to longer than necessary days and more stress than you need to fuel you. Yes stress fuels you to a point, beyond that point you are on the way the burnout.

There is a difference between working in and working on your business. Over the past 4 years, Business Growth Rocket has worked with many entrepreneurs to help them shift the needle to working on the business growth metrics and creating systems to support business operations. Over that time we have noticed a trend with all entrepreneurs, this trend has even proven true throughout the COVID 19 pandemic.

Change from a mindset of lack to one of abundance

This is by far the most difficult changes to make. As humans we are conditioned to think that there are limitations on all resources. This is not true for all resources and even for those that have limitations there are ways to harvest and store them for use when there are seasons of famine. With adequate forecasting models it is possible to project your business growth and prepare to fill the resource gaps. When my clients realized that the success that they want to see is a call to the universe to align things to fall into place to make it happen, then it did. Not instantly but manifestations of intentions set became clear after 6 months of coaching with Business Growth Rocket. When our clients win, we all win.

System review and process automatons

Whilst the mind work is in progress the work on the systems also need to be taking place. This takes us to the Key Activities element on the Business Model Canvas. What are the key things that must be done to attract, convert, service and maintain your clients? Look at each area carefully, invite trusted opinions on this. Business Growth Rocket offers this as part of the 3 and 6 month coaching programs. This activity has been especially valuable to clients who are seeing to transition from full time employment. Your systems can become that first employee at a fraction of the cost.

Strategic alliances and partnerships

There is value in shared experiences. Find your tribe and learn. Here's a term you may not be familiar with COOPITITION. This word goes against human nature and my Grammarly spellcheck tool (a nifty tool I implemented when I did my own system review). It means cooperating with a competitor. As a business coaching entity we have partnered with many business coaches. They have their niche and we have ours and we are going after a similar demographic which may intersect. Industry memberships may also add value and give you access to market and network but as with strategic alliances do your due diligence.

These are just a few of the tried and proven strategies that you can use to grow your business in a less stressful way. Our 3 month and 6 month coaching programs are designed to find solutions that work for you and help you to find the right mix of tools you need to achieve your business goals. Click here to book a free discovery call to discuss how we can help you.

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